Enroll a Student

Student Scholarship Application Check List

Please note that this application does not guarantee that your child will receive a scholarship. Incomplete applications for Take Stock In Children will not be considered. Please use this first page as a checklist to ensure that your application is complete. When you have COMPLETED the application, please mail it to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

Section A

Download Student Application

  • Student’s social security number
  • Students ID # [can be found on student’s report card or obtained by calling the school that the student attends]
  • Student’s home address
  • ALL phone numbers where parents and students can be reached
  • ALL email addresses where parents/guardians can be reached

Section B

  • Complete biographical information on primary care givers and indicate guardianship
  • List all biographical information of all persons living in the same home as the student as well as on independent siblings living outside of the home

Section C

  • Employment information for Primary and Secondary Care Giver

Section D

  • Financial information for the household (all questions must be completed, this information is required to enroll students in program)
  • Attach a copy of this year’s Federal Income Tax Return. Or, if you did not file taxes, a non-filing form along with award letters for state/county services. Your application will not be processed unless proof of income is attached.

Section E

  • Student Interest Sheet must be completed by student
  • Student Information questionnaire must be completed by student.
  • Student Statement must be completed by student.

Section F

  • Both portions of the Parent/Guardian Statement must be completed by the primary care giver.

To Complete Application

  • Student and primary care giver must sign application
  • A copy of the student’s most recent report card must be attached. (If you do not have one, please contact your child’s school in order to obtain one.)