Be a Mentor: Heather Crawford of First Coast News knows it takes only one hour, once a week to change the life of a deserving Duval student. Your gift of time not only provides guidance and support but it is the key to our Take Stock student’s scholarship.You can help a student change the conversation from “if I go to College“ to “when I go to college” and be a part of the team that provides the resources that ensures their success. FCN-12_25In 2013, the Take Stock In Children program in Duval County saw 95% of their high school seniors graduate on time and over 92% enrolled in post-secondary education within three months of high school graduation. These are numbers to take notice of.

Influencing and Shaping Your Community

In Duval County, there are over 6,000 middle school students on free or reduced lunch while only a little over 400 students are enrolled in Take Stock in Children. These students often have several barriers they face at school and home. Often, their mentor is the first person they talk to about these issues.

Being a mentor is fun, rewarding, and challenging at times. A mentor may be the only adult a child can rely on for support and stability. A mentor may be the only adult a child can trust. As a mentor, your role is not to replace a parent, but to help a child create and access their dreams. Some children have huge dreams but don’t have the skills or knowledge to work towards them. Other children don’t have the knowledge or the hope to even dream about a positive future.

Take Stock in Children mentoring program gives students a four year scholarship to provide hope for low-income students in pursuing a post-secondary education. Take Stock In Children changes the conversation from “if you go to college” to “when you go to college.” Most Take Stock in Children graduates stay in Jacksonville for school and continue to work here in the community.

Mentors assist in shaping the lives of these young people which influences the outcome for Jacksonville’s social and economic climate. If you are interested in joining the movement to have a goal-oriented mentoring relationship with a child, consider making Take Stock in Children your own. You can make a meaningful impact in a child’s life. Don’t let this pass you by.

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Download the Mentor Application, here, and mail directly to our offices: Take Stock in Children 4527 Lenox Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32205