Mentor Resources

Download Mentor Application We believe that simply taking time to sit and listen to a child makes a huge difference in their lives. But sometimes, as mentors, we have our own questions or need a little help, which is why we put together several quick resources our mentors can reference. Many of our students are facing peer pressure and hardships that we, as mentors, have never faced . Provided below are links documents and community websites that give guidance on how to best help your student through a difficult situation.

Mentor Toolkit

Your Take Stock in Children Mentor Toolkit also has other resources you can use to make sure that your student is on track for high school graduation and beyond. This website provides weekly activities that are goal-oriented for academics, self-discovery, and college/career planning.
Mentor Toolkit

Getting Ready for College

Help your student plan their road map to college readiness at
SAT prep:
ACT/SAT Prep: Jacksonville Public Library-FREE LIVE TUTORING

Regina Roberts
College Advocate
Phone (904) 384-1361 Ext. 4256

Career Planning and Development

An important part of being a mentor is helping students discover their work personality and career interests.

Questions to know for career development:

  • Do you like to work in a team or individually.
  • Do you like to sit in a quiet or busy environment?
  • Do you like thinking/studying or moving/doing work?
  • Does it sound more interesting to work with people, numbers, or machines?

You can explore these questions and career implications even further clicking on the following titles:

College Admissions

With college education being the goal of Take Stock In Children, it is important that, as mentors, we understand the application process and requirements. Here we have outlined the requirements and provided you with links to additional resources to help you successfully guide your student through the college application process.

If you have other questions that are not covered here, please contact your Student Advocate.

2011-2012 Admission Deadline Examples

  • FSCJ Open Enrollment
  • UNF Priority Deadline: November 19th (2.5 GPA and 460 Math, 460 Reading on SAT or 19 on ACT)
  • FSU Deadline: January 19th (3.0 GPA and total 1700 SAT or 26-29 ACT)

Research and apply online for colleges through their links or through

Florida College Admissions Links

Scholarship Information

Our Take Stock In Children scholars work hard to earn their scholarships, which are a huge boost towards affording a college education. But in many cases, the Take Stock Scholarship cannot cover all of the student’s school and living expenses. Through their hard work and dedication to academics and extracurricular activities, many of these student scholars meet or exceed the prerequisites for other scholarship opportunities. In combination with their Take Stock Scholarship, other scholarships could be the ticket for these students to complete their college education with little or no debt.

Reminders about FL Bright Futures Scholarship

  • FMS requirements: 21 AC, 970 SAT, 3.0 weighted GPA
  • FAS requirements: 29 ACT, 1270 SAT, 3.5 weighted GPA, 75 volunteer hours (or an AICE/IB diploma)

Federal Financial Aid Timeline

  • December-January: Every graduating senior and one parent MUST apply for a PIN (it will serve as an electronic signature)
  • January-March: Every parent who is working MUST file their taxes
    Real Sense – United Way
  • January-April: Every student and parent MUST complete their FAFSA application online to qualify for grants, loans, and work-study programs FAFSA

The following are links to free websites for federal and state financial assistance, as well as free search engines to help you identify the opportunities for which your student might be eligible.

Duval County Public Schools prints a guide to scholarships and financial aid. Your student can ask for a copy from their guidance office.