History of Take Stock

Take Stock in Children is a solution to one of the most critical problems facing Jacksonville—high dropout rates. Take Stock in Children has a proven record of helping low-income, at-risk children stay out of trouble, graduate from high school, be successful in college, and become productive citizens of our community.Take Stock in Children is a statewide mentoring/scholarship program sponsored in Duval County by Goodwill Industries of North Florida and Florida State College at Jacksonville. Our program enrolls middle school, low-income students and helps them succeed by providing college and vocational scholarships, volunteer mentors, student advocates, early intervention and long-term support. Through our partnership with Goodwill of North Florida, we also provide opportunities for the parents of Take Stock students and other low-income adults to attend college and improve their earning potential, as well as part-time job opportunities for our scholars.

The key to our students’ success is our volunteers. Mentors meet with their students for an hour, once a week providing friendship, encouragement, goal setting and academic support.

Since our inception in 1996, Take Stock in Children has graduated over 1,000 students. Currently, our program serves over 400 students in 48 middle and high schools throughout Duval County and is the second, largest program in the state. We are a public-private partnership consisting of state government, businesses, school systems, social service agencies, civic and religious organizations, and private citizens.

Take Stock in Children’s multi-year commitment to at-risk children and low-income parents is an investment in our community. We know that the education of a child is an investment in their future and the assured way of breaking the cycle of poverty, illiteracy and crime. Our goal is to continue to reduce the number of high school drop-outs and to increase the number of students who finish college and enter the workforce successfully.

New Partnership

Join First Coast News Anchor Heather Crawford and become a Take Stock in Children Mentor.  Heather knows it takes only one hour once a week to change the life of a deserving Duval student.  Your gift of time not only provides guidance and support but it is the key to our Take Stock student’s scholarship. You can help a student change the conversation from “if I go to College“to “when I go to college” and be a part of the team that provides the resources that ensures their success.

In 2013, the Take Stock I Children program in Duval County saw 95% of their high school seniors graduate on time and over 92% enrolled in post-secondary education with in three months of high school graduation.  These are numbers to take notice of.  If you want to make a difference The Take Stock Team can get you started.

  • Fill out the Take Stock in Children Mentor Application
  • Go through short training and screening all free of charge and at your convenience
  • Select a high school or middle school in near your work place or home
  • Committee to hour once a week for one school year
  • Receive continue support of a Mentor Toolkit and the Take Stock in Children College Success Coach assigned to your school
  • You mentor hours are counted by the Department of Education and o towards the student’s scholarship being activated upon high school graduation